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 Less-Than-Super Heroes

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Fake Hero VII

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PostSubject: Less-Than-Super Heroes   Sat 22 Nov 2008, 16:53

(The prologue to Zombie Apocalypse! How the zombies came to be.)

Mighty Guy stood atop a large skyscraper, looking down at the peaceful city of Yew Nork. Suddenly he heard a cry for help! With his not-so-super hearing, he located the distress call.

To make sure he looked good, he took inventory.

Bald head, check.

Red cape, check.

Super strength, check.

Blue sweater, check.

Black sweat pants, check.

Corney comeback/pick-up-line, check.

Powerthirst, check.

Assured, he drank his Powerthirst, popped out 400 babies, jumped off the building in the direction of the cry. His ENERGY LEGS allowed him to jump high into the air, kicking mother nature in the face! He fell down, confident that he could survive the fall, when his face hit a flag poll, and he landed flat on his back in the middle of the street.
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Less-Than-Super Heroes
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