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 Golden Sun: The Abridged Series

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Fake Hero VII

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PostSubject: Golden Sun: The Abridged Series   Sat 22 Nov 2008, 14:58

This is my story which I wrote for my fanfiction site Reborn Darkness and The Golden Sun Realm. It's going to be pretty long, but if you want to read the story as it was originally written please click the link. I will post the first chapter here.

FYI: It's a Golden Sun fanfic (no duh XD)

Read and review! Very Happy

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Fake Hero VII

Posts : 96
Join date : 2008-11-22
Location : You never know, but I'm most assuredly in a tree aiming my scope at you.

PostSubject: Re: Golden Sun: The Abridged Series   Sat 22 Nov 2008, 15:00

Story Notes:

You can also find this under Golden Sun: The Abridged Series in http://goldensun.rpgplanet.gamespy.com/fanfics/viewstory.php?sid=444

Author's Chapter Notes:
We did find it... right...?

(6 months after their final battle and after Isaac and Jenna decided to move in with each other, likewise with Garet and Mia)
In Vales inn, the GS crew were just finishing their interview with the mayor of Alhafra.
"Thank you all for the story, I will make the book right away." The mayor then left. Isaac and company just stared at the doorway for a few moments.
"Well I'm gonna pack it in," said Garret. The others followed suit and left, except for Sheba, Ivan, and Peirs since they didn't have homes in Vale. Haha, they had to sleep in Hsu Uselessfatkid's guest rooms.

(The next day)
"Hey Isaac!" shouted Garet, running up to Isaac who just finished fixing his roof (yet again...did you notice that through the whole game if you went back to Vale the roof was still busted? Musta been mighty drafty in that house, no wonder Isaacs mom got sick)
"The book just finished! I have a copy of it here." Garret handed Isaac the book.
"Okay, lets open it up."



Chapter 1. Narrated by Isaac.

"So here's the thing my mom woke me up at like 5 in the morining. She screamed at me and used 'Catch' to get my giant scarf hanging on the wall. Good ol' mom =P. We went down stairs and Dad apeared.

'Blah blah gotta go blah blah' So we went outside and they told me to get to the plaza and I grabbed my machete and tried to go south and guess what! some big rock thing came crashing down blocking my path. Well now I had to go to North around Garets house. In his backyard he was pulling a big chest full of stuff, and I told him 'Real men that want to get dates with hot Mercury adepts don't take their valuables with them,' and that got him to stop.

'You serious?'

'As serious as how freaky Ivan and Sheba are twins serious. C'mon!'

So we went across the bridge and tried going south again but then AGAIN some big rock blocked our path so we had to go east to that old kodgers place. There a man was complaining that he stubbed his toe on a blade of grass and it did critical damage, and I yelled at him for being a wimp and he cried and ran of sayin watch out for monsters.

Well wouldn't you now? a wimpy furbie with a stick came up to us and I kicked it on the face and it dropped dead.

'Aw man! I ran outta fake Mars Psynergy Lotion tm (NEW NEW NEW! The Mars Psynergy Lotion tm lets you use Fire Psynergy, up to level 3! Perfect for non adepts who get trapped in a corner fighting the Fusion Dragon! only 999999999 gold, or your soul!) so now I can't hit em with a fireball.'

'Sucks to be you,' I replied running toward the stairs.

So now in the video game you see a cutscene of Felix, the weaker Venus adept, trying not to drown. And that gorgeous Jenna and her parents, along with mine were trying to save him, but Kyle my wonderfull level 47 father (man, how many hours did he spend playing this game!?) didn't have enough psynergy. So the hot girl went to the plaza while my plain old mom yelled at me and Garet again but I tuned her out and ran for Jenna with Garet tailing behind me. Well greeaaaat. how am I supposed to make my move when the guy with Procne's wing for hair is following me?

At the plaza, there was the girl of my dreams talking to older men!

I sobbed and curled into a ball and sucked my thumb, but then spit it out cuz leather gloves don't taste verry good.

'Dude, chill, she's just trying to get help to save her brother.'

I jumped up immediatly realizing i misunderstood the situation. 'Uhh, yeah! I knew that!'

He arched his eyerow like 'Yeah...ri-ight...'

We ran to her and I grabbed her hand yelling: 'Time to go!' I pulled her along with me but she said: 'Wait! I need to get some one to help my brother!'

So I turned and said to the guy chargin at the Psynergy Stone located convieniently in the canter of town. 'C'mon and save some guy who you don't get to play as till the second game!'

Well NOW Jenna wasn't so reluctant to follow Garret and I.

'Isaac, do you think he will be okay?'

'If he dies you can cry on my shoulder. It has a huge yellow scarf that adds a billion points to how cool I look!'

'Can I hold your hand?'

'Will you confess to me that you love me and wanna be with me forever?'

'Not till the second game.'

Well that crushed my hopes. I could't kiss her for the next three years! I curled into a ball and--

'If you come it might be sooner!'

'Yippee!!!!!' In a matter of seconds I got to where Felix was only to realize that..."
Chapter End Notes:

(tum tiddley tum) commecne the dancing! Commence the dancing! (tum tiddley tum) Just hold your partner, jsut hold her shoulder, (tum tiddley tum) a little bolder. A little bolder now step once or twice, in a fashion rather nice (tum tiddley tum).
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Golden Sun: The Abridged Series
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