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 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RP

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RP   Fri 14 Nov 2008, 21:24

(If you've played this game...lets RP. If you havn't, it's okay, I havn't finished it yet! XD)

A young clavat looked up at the crystal of her village, determination turning her eyes into amber colored flames. Her light brown hair was pulled back by a red clip and her sword and sheild were strapped to her back, covering her dark brown bodysuit with it's yellow neck thing and leather/chainmail shoulderpads and undertunic. She looked back at the caravan she was to serv in and gave a grim smile as she waited for the newbies to get there. She was the last of her old Caravan,,,she had barely made it back to her village, with the crystal chalace. But as she waited in the early morning light, watching the morning mists swirl lazily around the village, she promised herself she would keep her new one safe. Upon her sheild was a strange, swirling device, and upon it were imprinted the words 'E Nomin of Fortuna'. UNder the words was printed the name Sayia. Amber eyes closed as Seyia took a deep breath of the fresh, crisp air of spring.
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RP
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